About us

Cap Inde Coirs Private Limited

Cap Inde Coirs Pvt Ltd was established with a vision to develop a team of professionals, leading a network of entrepreneurs and farmers alike under a shared vision of producing the best value for money coir fibre by employing appropriate technology, infrastructure and raw materials.

If you have a requirement, we can make it happen. At Cap Inde, we work with customers and product manufacturers with specific demands for different grades of coir fibre. Our strengths lie in segregating, blending and treating fibres altering their length, strength, softness, colour and cleanliness.

Good quality products can be an outcome of only good quality raw materials. 20th century production technologies and business organizations prioritize to be asset light and have the smallest possible organizations. Being successful in the 21st century requires businesses to go back to the traditional roots of developing and investing in strong infrastructure that provides returns. We therefore believe that anything that is best done is done with a lot of passion and hence anything that is best done is done by oneself.

A fully integrated coir fibre production, processing and baling facility has advantages that cannot be matched by conventional fibre extraction units or fibre baling companies. At present our production capacity exceeds 50 MT for Cocopeat, 75 MT per month for Bristle Coir Fibre, 500 MT per month for Brown Coir Fibre and 250 MT per month for Golden Brown Coir Fibre (White Coir Fibre). Vlaue added fibres including dyeing and bleaching are carried out according to customer requirements. In addition to this, Cap Inde partners with several coir fibre manufacturers through collaborative activities for value addition and quality control.This helps Cap Inde to meet varying demands of its clients in time and as per desired requirements.

Since all processes are carried out inhouse, it is possible to ensure the best possible quality control techniques at processes across the value chain.

Our products find wide usage in coir products, potting mixes, brushes for industrial applications such as stainless steel polishing wheels, coir geo textiles, advanced materials and composites using coir, furnishings, special filters for industrial applications and in packaging.